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  • Buddhist ‘nun-jas’ fighting sexual predators
    Buddhist nuns swapped their maroon robes for black belts Thursday, performing somersaults, high kicks, splits and punches to demonstrate how they are using Kung Fu to empower women in the conservative Himalayas.
  • Saudi political explosions risk collateral damage
    Nearly two weeks after the double political explosion that rocked Riyadh, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman appears to be doing damage control in ways that may help stabilize Saudi Arabia and the region.
  • Human trafficking ‘rife’ in Rohingya camps
    Widowed and alone, 21-year-old Umm Kulthum had hoped for a fresh start in Bangladesh, but was forced into prostitution instead, falling victim to what aid groups and officials say is a growing trafficking scourge targeting refugees.
  • The upgrade myth: Slicker and shinier doesn’t always mean better
    From the pocket calculator to the Prius, I’ve always been what they call an early adopter.
  • Circular 352: Right to build or its lack?
    Circular 352 issued by Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk allowing citizens from across the country to construct structures of up to three stories high violates the most basic principles of the Lebanese building law and zoning regulations.
  • Men urged to help stop ‘50 shades of violence’ against women
    Women and girls around the world face 50 shades of violence, ranging from rape and sexual harassment to acid attacks and forced marriages, and men need to do more to stop this, a former British chief prosecutor said Thursday.
  • A friend in need
    France’s involvement in Lebanese affairs goes back a century, with successive French governments displaying numerous initiatives over the years as honest brokers for our country, and in many cases acting as a safety net for several governments and politicians.
  • Bitcoin not worth the wager: investors
    Bitcoin may have surged a staggering 700 percent since the start of the year but most investors at a Reuters Summit this week said they had not been tempted to play the volatile cryptocurrency.
  • Women use sports to score equality goals
    From using football to highlight women’s rights in Africa to defying stereotypes in the Middle East through climbing Mount Everest, campaigners said sports have become a way for women to smash taboos to achieve greater equality.
  • Megacities multiply, but are they creating safe environment for girls?
    Megacities of the future will boast high-speed rail, superfast broadband, and green energy systems – but experts Thursday said they were failing to leave space for one thing: girls.
  • Oil giants unlikely to share coal’s fate, for now
    The Norwegian sovereign wealth fund’s proposal to ditch its oil and gas shares, though hugely symbolic in the battle against climate change, is unlikely to cause a rush to the exit by major investors in the sector in the short term.
  • U.S. tax cut plans may spur rush, then slump
    Slashing taxes may give the U.S. economy a temporary boost but the sugar rush may cause deeper problems ahead, investors at the Reuters Global Investment 2018 Outlook Summit in New York said.
  • Interbank rates reach 120 percent over crisis
    Facing liquidity crunch, same large and small banks are forced to borrow from each other at interest rates that sometimes reach 120 percent, one banker said Friday.
  • Lebanese inventor dominates reality innovation show
    Imagine if painful burns or muscle strain could be treated by just putting on a shirt.
  • Erdogan takes aim at Turkey central bank over interest rates
    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Friday lashed out at Turkey’s central bank over its refusal to cut interest rates, prompting new losses for the embattled Turkish lira against the dollar.
  • Saudi upheaval brings hope to businessmen
    Lebanon-based businessmen who lost enterprises through dealings with members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family and others in the kingdom are closely watching a new campaign led by the powerful crown prince targeting officials, princes and tycoons in the oil-rich kingdom, hoping it will help them win back what they lost over the years.
  • Torbey: $20B investment plan in motion
    The head of the Association of Banks in Lebanon Joseph Torbey said Lebanon is diligently striving to implement $20 billion infrastructure investments over the next few years to stimulate the economy.
  • Developmental sovereignty
    Lebanon is commemorating the 74th memory of its Independence in the middle of an unprecedented situation in which its independence and sovereignty are questioned like never before.
  • Country caught in crossfire of Gulf-state criticism
    The Foreign Minister of Qatar Friday condemned Gulf states’ treatment of Lebanon since Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s shock resignation earlier this month as similar to the Saudi-led blockade on Qatar.
  • Security forces arrest members of Daesh planning attacks
    Members of a Daesh (ISIS) network that was planning to attack U.N. peacekeeper positions in south Lebanon have been arrested, State Security announced Friday.


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